Altavida is a great teacher. He brought me through the children’s hunters and into hunter medals, derbies, and mini medals. He was always consistent and I was never scared or worried about having a bad day. I always ended the show day with a smile because Altavida exceeded my expectations in every ride. I went into the season with him planning on gaining confidence and have fun, but I did that and so much more. I grew so much with him as a rider, doing things I never would have been able to do with a different horse, like making top four in mini medal finals. Every ride was fun, even when I wasn’t riding 100%, Remi was giving me his all. I am very excited to see where he will take his next rider!
Alexandra Ugolini, Caledon, Ontario, lessee of  Remi (Altavida) 2017

A big THANK YOU to Avantaventure Show Stables for leasing Remi (Altavida) to me for the year 2015. Even though I began riding at the age of 4 for several years, I also discontinued riding for several years, and although I always had an everlasting passion for riding, it wasn’t until my coach helped me find Remi that I had only wished I had found him sooner. I was able to truly rebuild my confidence and skills to show in the Beginner Adult Hunter 2’6 division this past year and my first year. Remi is a great mover and so patient and loved by everyone at the barn. Words can’t quite describe how amazing he is but when you see him and ride him, it doesn’t take long to simply love him. I am now looking forward to leasing Remi for another year to be able to move forward to the 2’9 division in 2016. Taylor, I am so grateful for your support and coming to my shows, helping me with braiding (excellent BTW) and cheering me on, each step of the way! It is obvious that Remi was raised with so much care and has a wonderful and successful history of experiences and show records. The Avantaventure family (including Remi of course) have been so kind since day one and always making sure that Remi has all that he needs all year round. I couldn’t imagine a better lease experience and that’s why I can’t resist another year ahead to look forward to. Thank you for your support, expertise, professionalism and positive attitude. I am very excited to continue my successes with Remi and I appreciate your ongoing support. Here we come 2016!
Julie Park, Toronto, Ontario, lessee of Remi (Altavida) 2014-2016

Taylor started four of my ponies this spring and I must say it was a pleasure to have her here. Her ability to get what she wants from them in a kind and patient manner has left them with confidence and a good flavor for what will be expected of them as children's hunter ponies. Love your work ethic and commitment to do a good job! Thanks Taylor!
Brenda Buck-Draper, Toronto, Ontario, 2015

It was a real pleasure to deal with you Taylor for the purchase of your pony . Thank you for your great professionalism. I think Lily will be happy with Léa Martin and Anick Bherer her new family.
Anne LaPlante, Quebec, trainer of purchaser of Lily (RCS Kats Callypso) 2014

I leased Remi (Altavida) all through 2014. Remi was able to take me through just starting off on horses all the way to Horse Shows by The Bay which is a double A show competing in the Junior Hunter 3'3 division. Remi was the best of the best and his owner Taylor was too! Always checking up on him making sure he's being the best he could be. Taylor provide me with all the supplies I needed for me and Remi to start from endless halters to his fake tail. Taylor always made herself available if I had any questions. Also very easy and lovely girl to talk to. She loved Remi and it showed always helping us be the best we could be. Remi is a great horse, very forgiving and he sure does love his treats. He loved kids and was a very trusting horse. I couldn't of asked for my first year on horses to be on any of a better horse than Remi. Thank you for such a great horse and experience!
Gretchen Hambrick, Michigan, USA, lessee of Remi (Altavida) 2013-2014

I leased Altavida (Remi) for the 2013 show season and had a wonderful experience with Taylor and Remi over the summer! Taylor was accommodating and helpful from the point of inquiry to the end of the lease term. She was easy to contact if I had any questions, and she always offered her services (braiding, helping out at shows, etc.) whenever she could. Remi is undoubtedly part of her family, and she made me feel like I was apart of that family. I can say with complete confidence that this was the best lease experience I have ever had. Thank you Taylor for everything!
Rebecca Vaughan, London, Ontario, lessee of Remi (Altavida) 2013